Vand Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Caini de rasa de vanzare, caine de vanzare

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Vand Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel de vanzare
Cavalier KIng Charles Spaniel de vanzare
Vand caine Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Vand catei Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

 Tara de origine: Marea Britanie.
  Istoric: micii Spanieli de jucarie ca acesta sunt cunoscuti in Europa inca din secolul al XVI-lea; ei au fost crescuti pentru a servi ca animale de companie si pentru vanatoarea de animale mici. in secolul al XVII-lea, Spanielul de jucarie a devenit rasa favorita a regelui Charles I si a fost popular printre membrii familiei regale pana dupa domnia regelui Charles al II-lea. Spre sfarsitul secolului al XVII-lea, insa, rasa a devenit din ce in ce mai rara aproape disparand. Rasa nu a fost revitalizata decat in anii 1920 cand un american a venit in Marea Britanie in cautarea cainilor pe care ii vazuse in niste picturi mai vechi. Timp de cinci ani, el a oferit un premiu in bani pentru cel mai bun Spaniel de tip vechi de la Crufts Dog Show, declansand o revenire a ceea ce avea sa fie numit Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Rasa a avut de atunci o continuitate atat in S.U.A., cat si in Marea Britanie, si a devenit mai populara decat Spanielii englezi de jucarie originali.
 Descriere fizica: este un caine mic, bine echilibrat si gratios. Craniul este usor rotunjit, dar pare plat datorita urechilor lungi, lasate. Botul este usor conic, iar ochii sunt mari, rotunzi si intunecati. Nasul este negru si are narile mari. Coada este lunga si ocazional aceasta este taiata la doua lungimi din dimensiunea normala. Blana este moderat de lunga, matasoasa si dreapta sau usor ondulata, cu urechi, labe, partea posterioara a picioarelor si coada imblanite. Coloratia poate fi negru cu cafeniu; rubiniu (Ruby), alb cu pete castanii (Blenheim); sau negru, alb si cafeniu (Tricolor).
  Inaltime: 30-33 cm.
 Greutate: 6-8 kg.
 Temperament: este un caine bland, prietenos si afectuos, sociabil si care se intelege bine cu aproape toata lumea.
 Nivel de activitate: scazut spre moderat.
 Cel mai bun stapan: o rasa adaptabila, care se descurca bine atat cu o familie, cat si cu un individ, in oras sau suburbii.
 Nevoi speciale: exercitii, ingrijirea blanii, stil de viata de interior.
 Posibile probleme de sanatate: alergii, displazie de sold, luxatia patelelor, boala valvei mitrale.

Transporturi cu predare personala in urmatoarele localitati sau localitati limitrofe:
Cavalier King Charles Timisoara; Cavalier King Charles Arad; Cavalier King Charles Oradea; Cavalier King Charles Deva; Cavalier King Charles Alba Iulia; Cavalier King Charles Cluj; Cavalier King Charles Zalau; Cavalier King Charles Satu Mare; Cavalier King Charles Baia Mare; Cavalier King Charles Maramures; Cavalier King Charles Bistrita; Cavalier King Charles Mures; Cavalier King Charles Sibiu; Cavalier King Charles Valcea; Cavalier King Charles Pitesti; Cavalier King Charles Arges; Cavalier King Charles Targoviste; Cavalier King Charles Brasov; Cavalier King Charles Suceava; Cavalier King Charles Botosani; Cavalier King Charles Neamt; Cavalier King Charles Iasi; Cavalier King Charles Vaslui; Cavalier King Charles Bacau; Cavalier King Charles Focsani; Cavalier King Charles Buzau; Cavalier King Charles Ploiesti; Cavalier King Charles Galati; Cavalier King Charles Braila; Cavalier King Charles Tulcea; Cavalier King Charles Constanta; Cavalier King Charles Bucuresti; Cavalier King Charles Giurgiu;

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Vindem caine de rasa Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Fotografii Cavalier King Charles Spaniel de vanzare
Standardul rasei Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

FCI-Standard N° 136 / 12.01.2009  / GB


ORIGIN: Great Britain.


:  Companion and Toy.

CLASSIFICATION F.C.I.:  Group  9  Companion and Toy Dogs.
                                              Section  7  English Toy Spaniels.
                                              Without working trial.
GENERAL APPEARANCE: Active, graceful and well balanced, with gentle expression.

BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT: Sporting, affectionate, absolutely fearless.  Gay, friendly, non-aggressive; no tendency towards nervousness.


Skull: Almost flat between ears.
Stop: Shallow.

Nose: Nostrils black and well developed without flesh marks.
Muzzle: Length from base of stop to tip of nose about 1 1/2 ins. (3,8 cm).  Well tapered.  Face well filled below eyes.  Any tendency to snipiness undesirable.
Lips: Well developed and not pendulous.
Jaws/Teeth: Jaws strong, with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, i.e. the upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth and set square to the jaws.
Eyes: Large, dark, round but not prominent; spaced well apart.
Ears: Long, set high, with plenty of feather.

NECK: Moderate length, slightly arched.

Back : Level.
Loin : Short-coupled.
Chest : Moderate; good spring of ribs.

: Length of tail in balance with body, well set on, carried happily but never much above the level of the back.  Docking previously optional when no more than one-third was to be removed.


FOREQUARTERS: Legs moderately boned, straight.
Shoulders: Well laid back.

HINDQUARTERS: Legs with moderate bone.
Stifle: Well turned.
Hocks: No tendency to cow- or sickle-hocks.

FEET: Compact, cushioned and well feathered.

GAIT / MOVEMENT: Free-moving and elegant in action, plenty of drive from behind.  Fore-and hindlegs move parallel when viewed from in front and behind.


HAIR: Long, silky, free from curl.  Slight wave permissible.  Plenty of feathering.  Totally free from trimming.

COLOUR: Recognized colours are :

Black and Tan
: Raven black with tan markings above the eyes, on cheeks, inside ears, on chest and legs and underside of tail.  Tan should be bright.  White marks undesirable.
Ruby: Whole coloured rich red. White markings undesirable.
Blenheim: Rich chestnut markings well broken up, on pearly white ground.  Markings evenly divided on head, leaving room between ears for much valued lozenge mark or spot (a unique characteristic of the breed).
Tricolour: Black and white well spaced, broken up, with tan markings over eyes, cheeks, inside ears, inside legs, and on underside of tail.

Any other colour or combination of colours highly undesirable.

:  5,4 - 8 kg (12 - 18 lbs).  A small, well-balanced dog well within these weights desirable.

FAULTS: Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog.

Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.

: Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

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